Refund Policy


Though we strive to provide our customers the plugins of the highest quality along with the best technical and informational support services, and also to give the best customer experience each time you shop with us, if at all you are not fully satisfied with your purchases, you can place an order for the full refund of the price paid.


In order to help ensure that our software products are just what you need, free basic/demo versions are available for download from our website. A complete products and Services information is also provided to help you make the right decision before the purchase is done. You can also feel free to contact our Support Team for more information if necessary.


  •  Since all of our products are intangible irrevocable goods (digital software), they come with a 30-Days Honor-Based Money-Back Guarantee. Honor-based means we will be glad to return your investment providing that; we receive assistance in finding out the details of the problem on the side of the customer and we fail to address the deficiency within a reasonable amount of time.
  •  The refund will be issued to the customer in full without any compensations or additional reimbursements.
  •  Upon sending a refund request, please allow our Support Team up to one (1) business day to get back to you on your problem.
  •  You should be ready to provide our Support Team with additional information and also follow all the recommendations, which you will be informed through a email from
  •  Once if the refund is approved, it might take us up to seven (7) business days to process it. Purchases done using Credit Cards will be refunded to the Credit Card used to purchase the product.
  •  You will get the money returned in the same form of currency used for the purchase.


  •  The refund request is placed post 30-days of the purchase.
  •  The plugins was purchased by mistake or on assumption that it does something which it is not intended to do.
  •  The client refuses to follow the instructions of the StepQueue Support Team or doesn’t provide the requested assistance.
  •  The client did not read the product description and purchased a product type that does not meet their needs.
  •  The bug reported was fixed in a newer version than the client owns, but the client refuses to upgrade.
  •  The client purchased the plugins not from an official StepQueue website, but from a third party not related to StepQueue Website.


By placing an order for refund of any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. . If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we kindly inform that you will not be able to claim any refunds.